"Edson’s vivid portrayal of the urban area, as well as the working class and underclass, creates a vision of Saint John that highlights the discrepancy between the pre-modern idyllic notion of life in Atlantic Canada and the more complicated reality of the region."

-The New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Excerpt from THE GOON to be published in CommuterLit.com

CommuterLit.com is a cool new website that publishes short stories, poems, excerpts etc for those commuters looking to pass the time with quick bits of lit. The first chapter of The Goon will appear on CommuterLit in the next week or so.

I've also submitted some poems from my chapbook skeletons, as well as the first chapter of A Place of Pretty Flowers, but no word yet.

It's a great way to introduce new readers to my work and I'm grateful to CommuterLit for publishing it. Go to CommuterLit.com and check it out.

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