"Edson’s vivid portrayal of the urban area, as well as the working class and underclass, creates a vision of Saint John that highlights the discrepancy between the pre-modern idyllic notion of life in Atlantic Canada and the more complicated reality of the region."

-The New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Barb Grum descended the few steps down to the parking-lot. She was twice divorced, without any children, and dressed like Friday night—wavy black hair to her shoulders, a flashy silk scarf flung loosely around her neck. Her dog, Jinx, a white Jack Poo with a black face, was tucked up under her arm. (She had sneaked him into church and he had just popped his head out of her bag.) Jinx was so ugly he was cute; a tiny little head with shaggy grey hair, black button eyes and an under-bite that showed tiny white teeth.
(from A Place of Pretty Flowers)

(His real name is Charlie.)

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