"Edson’s vivid portrayal of the urban area, as well as the working class and underclass, creates a vision of Saint John that highlights the discrepancy between the pre-modern idyllic notion of life in Atlantic Canada and the more complicated reality of the region."

-The New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DOGS IN HEAT coming together...

Second draft of Dogs in Heat completed today; I'm nearing the finish line. Will allow it a few months to percolate, go through it again and begin the third and final draft. Hoping to have it ready for submission sometime in 2017-18. It's my first attempt at speculative fiction and I'm excited about it. The idea came to me back in 2001 while working at Chapters during the Indigo takeover. Ernest Hemingway, Satan, and Vincent van Gogh collide in what will no doubt be my most ambitious novel yet.

Also excited to have The Moon is Real coming out this summer with Urban Farmhouse Press. I recently saw the photo being used for the cover and I'm very happy with it. Looking forward to holding the book in my hands. I have no idea why I write novels but there's a real sense of satisfaction seeing the result of months upon months of work, and the urge that comes soon after to begin something entirely new. 


Anonymous said...

Very exciting about MOON finding a home and about DOGS
IN HEAT nearing the finish line. Keep us posted. Fingers crossed
Even if we are 50% dachshunds these days.
Rod A.

Jerrod Edson said...

Hey Rod,
Wow, it's great hearing from you. Be sure to pick up a copy of Moon, as you're one of the Thank You mentions at the back...