"Edson’s vivid portrayal of the urban area, as well as the working class and underclass, creates a vision of Saint John that highlights the discrepancy between the pre-modern idyllic notion of life in Atlantic Canada and the more complicated reality of the region."

-The New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Return of Harry Cossaboom

I first published The Making of Harry Cossaboom in 2000 with DreamCatcher Publishing in Saint John. The book never really sat well with me; I felt I could have done a better job writing it.

It has always been one of those things I wished I had a chance to re-write because it's a great storyline.

Today, DreamCatcher granted me permission to re-write it. I still have to sign a contract to release the rights to me, but I really appreciate DreamCatcher allowing me this right.

It is my hope that if/when the new novel is published (hopefully with Oberon Press), it will satisfy my own own goal with the story, as well as generate some new sales of the original for DreamCatcher.

This is all a few years away as I haven't even begun the re-write and I'm in the middle of a new novel, but now that I've got the green light I'm excited for that opportunity.

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